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Supporting human development globally

SEEK Development is a consulting group based in Berlin, Germany, dedicated to supporting and shaping human development globally.

We provide specialized support to leading institutions in global development in the areas of strategy and policy, organizational evaluation and development, knowledge generation and advocacy. Wherever possible, we combine our strategic and policy work with change management support to our clients to ensure that new strategies and policies are successfully implemented.

SEEK Development works primarily with international organizations, public sector and civil society institutions, foundations, and socially responsible enterprises. We place a specific focus on challenges and opportunities in global development, with sectoral expertise in public health, education, agriculture and sustainable business.

SEEK Development draws on deep content expertise in its areas of focus, and consolidated knowledge in strategy and policy, organizational development and change management, as well as evaluation and research methods.



SEEK is currently looking to fill the following position:

IT Support


September 2015

SEEK supported World Bank in drafting the Concept Note and Business Plan for proposed Global Financing Facility in Support of Every Woman, Every Child, including proposals for the governance structure and institutional role to be played by GFF. Strategic advice to World Bank on how to position GFF within the broader RMNCAH financing architecture and maximize its potential to mobilize international and domestic resources for RMNCAH, support countries transitioning to middle-income status, and streamline existing RMNCAH financing.

August 2015

Global Health Architecture
A background paper prepared by SEEK Development for the Rethinking the Global Health Architecture project was recently published by Chatham House. The paper analyzes recent changes affecting global health and their implications for the global health architecture; it provides a synthesis of leading suggestions for future reforms to the architecture; and broadly sets out how a new governance architecture might look. Its findings strongly influenced the final report, which will be published in the coming months.

July 2015

SEEK Development joined world leaders at the Third International Conference on Financing for Development in Addis Ababa, where the Global Financing Facility in Support of Every Women Every Child was launched. SEEK played a formative role over the last year in designing this "breakthrough financing model" for advancing the health of women and children.

SEEK Development led a group of global health experts and economists, including former US Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, on a study published in the Lancet that finds a dramatic shortfall in donor funding for key global health issues. The study is available free of charge here

Oslo Summit
SEEK Development's background paper on the costs and benefits of education on health was presented at the side event of the Oslo Summit on Education for Development, which provided key discussion inputs for the High Level Summit. The study, which was funded by Norad, finds substantial returns on health from investments in education and is now being prepared into a journal article.