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Supporting human development globally

SEEK Development is a consulting group based in Berlin, Germany, dedicated to supporting and shaping human development globally.

We provide specialized support to leading institutions in global development in the areas of strategy and policy, organizational evaluation and development, knowledge generation and advocacy. Wherever possible, we combine our strategic and policy work with change management support to our clients to ensure that new strategies and policies are successfully implemented.

SEEK Development works primarily with international organizations, public sector and civil society institutions, foundations, and socially responsible enterprises. We place a specific focus on challenges and opportunities in global development, public health, and sustainable business.

SEEK Development draws on deep content expertise in its areas of focus, and consolidated knowledge in strategy and policy, organizational development and change management, as well as evaluation and research methods.


March 2015

BMJ Editorial Published
SEEK Development and UCSF jointly published an
editorial in BMJ entitled Germany, the G7 and Global Health. The piece discusses the empirical relevance of G7/G8 summits on investments in health and calls on Germany and the G7 to use the upcoming summit to push for gains in global health.

SEEK Development contributed analysis for Saving Lives, Protecting Futures, the UNSG's Progress Report on the Global Strategy for Women's and Children's Health, which was released at the UN's Commission on the Status of Women. The report finds that the global public health initiative of more than 300 partners has disbursed US$34 billion, nearly 60% of total financial commitments.