Jessica Kraus

Senior Consultant

Jessica Kraus is a Senior Consultant at SEEK Development. Jessica brings to the team a firm technical expertise of global health policy & financing. She has managed numerous global health reform projects for international institutions. She applies her analytical skills to the development of strategic recommendations for international organizations. Her clients have included major foundations, multilateral institutions, bilateral donors, and universities.

Prior to joining SEEK in 2013, Jessica worked as a technical associate at Population Services International (PSI) in Vietnam. At PSI, she was responsible for reports on behavior change programs in South East Asia. She began her career as a researcher in epidemiology and environmental health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She also assisted on burden of disease estimates at the World Health Organization.

Jessica holds a Master of Public Policy (MPP), a joint degree from the Humboldt University of Berlin and European University Viadrina, as well as a BA in Public Health Studies from the Johns Hopkins University. She focused her studies on environmental studies, organizational psychology, and statistics.