Donor Analytics

SEEK provides comprehensive analyses on established and emerging donors for individual clients as well as in a publicly accessible format for the international advocacy community, through the Donor Tracker website. The purpose of this work is to help our clients and the global development community understand the key development assistance entities and influencers in specific donor countries, including their priorities, financing trends, and their approach to their development-assistance decisions. We make some of this work freely available to the advocacy community in the form of the Donor Tracker.

Our donor analytics are fundamental to another major focus of SEEK’s work: helping our clients develop effective engagement and resource-mobilization strategies.

Our clients have included: Aeras, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, DSW (Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevölkerung), Gavi, the Global Financing Facility, Global Partnership for Education, the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, the International Rescue Committee, TB Alliance, Malaria No More, VENRO, PATH, Plan International, the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, Oxfam, the World Health Organization.


The Donor Tracker

In 2012, SEEK created the Donor Tracker website in response to a need we identified in the course of our own work on global development policy: There was no single source of comprehensive, understandable information and analysis of major donors’ development assistance – and not just the numbers, but key insights into their ODA strategies, priorities, and decision-making processes.

Recognising that such a resource would be invaluable to the global advocacy community, SEEK did the work that many advocacy organizations or individuals working in development don’t have the time or resources to do themselves: creating comprehensive donor profiles based on information from many different sources and including further analysis of our own.

The new Donor Tracker, relaunched in 2016 with an expanded focus and a user-friendly design, is a website that now provides comprehensive profiles of 14 major OECD donors, development-related policy  and events updates, special features (‘highlight stories’) covering topics of particular interest to the development community, a data comparison tool, and ‘deep dives’ within each donor profile on the topics of agriculture, nutrition, global health, education, and global health research and development.

The Donor Tracker’s is used widely by advocates for global development, professionals in international organizations and agencies, governments and their foreign ministries, researchers, policy-makers, think-tank analysts, journalists, and academics around the world.