Donor Tracker launches education 'Deep Dive', comparative tool, and mobile app

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

First, we have added education as a ‘Deep Dive’ topic. Along with the original ‘Deep Dive’ sections on global health, agriculture, nutrition, and global health research and development, the new education ‘Deep Dive' gives an overview of each donor’s ODA commitments to education, substantive data and analysis of bilateral and multilateral spend, a contextualization of education among each donor’s other ODA priorities, and a mapping of responsibilities for education ODA and related decision-making within each donor’s administration.

Next, Donor Tracker has released a mobile app that includes all current donor profiles, Policy Updates, and Events, which can be filtered by country and topic. Like any other app, it is available on Google Play and the App Store, and like the website, it is free and open access.

Lastly, for Donor Tracker users who would like to dig even deeper into the data available on the site, we have just launched the Donor Tracker Compare Tool. This unique tool allows users to customize ODA variables in different kinds of charts, allowing you to compare different characteristics of ODA across different donors, with instant results as you add or change countries and variables.