Global Partnership for Education publishes blog post about Donor Tracker's education 'Deep Dive'

Friday, October 27th, 2017

The post first offers an overview of the content in the Donor Tracker's education 'Deep Dive'. Each education profile provides:

  • Total spending on education, both overall and as a percentage of total ODA
  • Funding trends over time, as well as an outlook on future funding
  • A breakdown of funding by education sub-sectors, geographic focus, and by the income group of countries receiving assistance
  • Contributions through multilateral organizations
  •  Contributions to education in emergency situations, including as a percentage of overall humanitarian assistance
  • Stated priorities and approaches
  • Decision-making processes, including relevant government actors driving policy formulation, funding decisions, and implementation

Additionally, the post details three findings, which include figures:

  1. Funding for education has declined in recent years
  2. Most funding goes to post-secondary education
  3. Middle-income countries receive the most education funding

The post can be found here