Donor Tracker publishes new 'Highlight Story' and comprehensive update of all profiles

Thursday, April 5th, 2018

This year’s first ‘Highlight Story’, ‘Are we making progress?’, complements the profile updates. It takes a macro view of development funding for each of the Donor Tracker’s five ‘Deep Dive’ areas: agriculture, education, global health, global health R&D, and nutrition. It finds that:

  • Funding has increased since the start of the SDG era in 2015 for all five areas assessed. Except for global health R&D, donor funding reached an all-time peak in 2016.
  • As overall development assistance has grown since 2012, however, the share of total funding going to these areas has remained largely stable (for agriculture, education, and nutrition) or even declined (for global health and global health R&D).
  • Donor funding is heavily concentrated: In each of the five sectors, between two and four donors provide over half of all funding.

With this, Donor Tracker hopes to help advocates gain a better understanding of current funding levels and trends, which is the basis for bridging the financing gap for the SDGs.