SEEK authors report on political empowerment of girls for Plan International Germany

Thursday, November 22nd, 2018

The report takes as a starting point the Sustainable Development Goal around gender equality and enhancing political participation as an effective way to pursue it. The report uses both quantitative methods by examining development assistance funding and qualitative evidence through interviews to arrive at a full picture of global efforts to strengthen political participation and best practices from individual countries. 

Among its findings:

  • The issue of political participation is still a very small proportion of funding from donor countries: The 30 donors analyzed spent US$403 million bilaterally per year between 2014 and 2016, 0.46% of their total bilateral development assistance. Only five donors spent more than 1% of their total bilateral assistance on the topic.
  • Donor funding is highly concentrated, with only five donors (Sweden, the United Kingdom, Norway, the European Union, and Canada) providing more than two-thirds of all funding
  • Three donors – Sweden, Canada, and the Netherlands – were identified as best-practice countries, given their strategic focus on girls and young women. Other donors, including Germany, could learn from these.

The report concludes with recommendations to the German government to strengthen this area of its development policy.