Zoe Johnson

Policy and Editorial Lead

Zoe is the Donor Tracker Policy and Editorial Associate at SEEK. Working as part of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Donor Tracker project teams, Zoe leads the planning and coordination for donor profile updates, conducts data-driven analyses of development policy and financing in Australia and Canada, and is involved in editorial oversight for the Donor Tracker website. Zoe brings to the team her background in international development, sectoral expertise on gender equality, nutrition, and agriculture, and a considerable editorial experience in academic publishing.

Before joining SEEK, Zoe worked as a Field Research Manager with the Oxford Martin Programme on African Governance, where she led research in Ethiopia exploring young women’s expectations and experiences of work and life in the Hawassa Industrial Park. She also worked as the editorial assistant for two peer-reviewed journals: Oxford Development Studies and the Journal of Gender, Agriculture and Food Security. Zoe was an EdGE mentor and consultant with Omprakash, where she helped students learn the foundations of critical development as they prepared to volunteer abroad, and advised grassroots organisations in Uganda, Costa Rica, Chile, India, and Cambodia on volunteer management, strategic planning, and fundraising.

Zoe is a graduate from the MPhil in Development Studies at the University of Oxford, where her research critically explored how processes of social, economic, and political change in Ethiopia shape young women’s perceptions of their own opportunities. She also holds a BSc in Global Resource Systems from the at the University of British Columbia where she studied land and food systems, with a regional focus on South Asia.