Fabio Cresto Aleina


Fabio Cresto Aleina (he/him) is a consultant at SEEK Development with multiple years of experience in academia as a climate scientist and in international cooperation agencies as a climate change consultant, specifically in the field of climate change adaptation. At SEEK, he works as a Climate Change Adaptation Sector Expert, playing a leading role in the growth of SEEK’s climate change practice.

With his expertise in climate science, climate policy, and developing climate adaptation strategies, Fabio supports the SEEK project teams, helping to maximize impact and solve climate-related challenges. He also provides expert advice to other project teams working in the climate change sector to enhance the quality and efficacy of their work.

Fabio has worked for over nine years in various research institutes in Europe as a climate scientist and brings profound expertise on the impact of climate change on human societies and nature. More recently, he has worked for international cooperation agencies such as UNDP and GIZ as well as local NGOs and governmental institutions in Latin America, where he gained a strong background in climate policy. As a Team Leader for GOPA Worldwide Consultants, he led the formulation of the updated Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) for the climate adaption sector in Guatemala, as well as their development of the National Action Plan for NDC implementation.