Leila Permantier


Leila Permantier (she/her) is an intern at SEEK Development. At SEEK, she is passionate about communication, team spirit, sustainability, and global health and development.

Leila contributes to the World Health Organizations’ International Pathogen Surveillance Network and their Global Partners Forum. With her expertise in interdisciplinary sustainability, event management and content creation, she supports clients with community and advocacy. 

Previously, Leila worked as a public speaking trainer at Lifeversity and coached people of diverse backgrounds to become confident on stage. She has experience as an educational coach at Erasmus University Rotterdam during Grand Challenges Honors Program for sustainability, coaching students to think outside the box and design interdisciplinary, holistic, transformative learning experiences around sustainability. Leila has also worked as a scuba divemaster and sailboat crew coordinator, managing stressful environments and coming up with creative and spontaneous solutions.