Our opportunities are for candidates who have exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills, project-management experience, and the commitment, drive and curiosity to be part of a growing, pioneering work environment.

With us, you will assume responsibility from your first day on the job, and gain new insights into topics including and beyond your own specializations.  

FAQs about recruitment

Current vacancies will be advertised on our website in the ‘Work with Us’ section as well as on selected careers platforms and social networks (tbd*, Epojobs, LinkedIn etc.), and career centers of selected universities (e.g. Hertie School of Governance, London School of Economics, John F. Kennedy School of Government). For any upcoming events, please also check our website, linking directly from the ‘News’ banner on the home page or from the ‘News’ tab in the main menu.

Please apply with a complete set of application documents all in one pdf document, including

  • a cover letter (no longer than 1 page)
  • a CV
  • up to 3 references (i.e. from previous employers)

The language of the application documents should correspond to the language used in our job listing (English/German).

Please make sure to include the name of the position as described in the job listing in the subject line of the email. For unsolicited applications, please use the subject line “Unsolicited application as…(position)/ Initiativbewerbung als…(Position)”.

Before applying, please bear in mind that for interns, we only accept candidates with a completed Bachelor’s degree in economics, international development/relations, public health, or a relevant field. They should have previous experience with a consultancy or a global development organization and be willing to make a commitment of at least 3 months. Interns do not have to be enrolled in an academic institution.

Once applicants have been invited for an interview, SEEK’s selection process takes about one month and consists of several rounds of interviews. Usually we start with a short phone interview followed by 2 in-person interview rounds.

In the interviews, we aim first to find out more about your professional experiences, your motivation to work with SEEK, and your potential fit with our team. We also use structured case studies to test certain skills and levels of knowledge.

For your interview preparation, we recommend that you have a good understanding of current development topics, especially related to global health issues. For a consultant position at any level, you will be asked to work on a case study mimicking real project situations and assessed based on your ability to structure problems, conceptualize recommendations and develop logical storylines.  We recommend that you complete some management consulting-style case study questions as a training exercise. 

If you are shortlisted after the first in-person interview, we will then ask you for 2-3 references from previous employers.

The receipt of all applications sent to recruiting@seekdevelopment.org will be immediately acknowledged by an automated email.

If you are applying for an advertised vacancy: In the job advertisement we indicate if applications are being reviewed on a rolling basis or only after the application deadline stated in the job listing. We aim to contact candidates who have reached the interview stage as soon as possible.

Candidates who are not selected for the position will be informed via email as soon as the application process has been completed, usually within 30 days after the application deadline.

If you are submitting an unsolicited application: Please bear in mind that we cannot respond to all speculative applicants and will contact only those whose profiles match SEEK’s requirements.  Thank you for your understanding.

Our opportunities are for professionals looking for roles as consultants, project managers, or SEEK’s operations staff, as well as interns and contractors on a project-by-project basis.

We are also looking for network partners – other consultants and organizations around the world – who share a similar mission and who want to form partnerships in particular services, focus areas, or projects.

We are always eager to hear from talented individuals who are dedicated to driving social impact and are committed to objectives similar to ours, so we also accept unsolicited CVs, including for interns. We usually take on 1 or 2 interns at a time.