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Empowering Advocacy with Insight: The Donor Tracker's Role in Sustainable Development


We believe in the power of insight and evidence. At SEEK, we share our knowledge freely to enhance community advocacy and to develop effective strategies for sustainable development. The Donor Tracker provides advocates with easy access to comprehensive data and strategic information on donor countries’ priorities and decisions.

We enable clients to share their vision and approach others to make critical connections. Through these sectoral networks, we bring together like-minded organizations and individuals to collaborate in inclusive partnerships and accelerating impact. SEEK brings people together around the shared goals of building coalitions, partnerships, and platforms to make a change.

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December 12, 2023

Issue: Gender Equality

December 12, 2023

Climate Adaptation Commitment Tracker

December 12, 2023

A Reinvigorated UNGA

The 77th UNGA in September 2022, returning in-person post-COVID, addressed pressing global issues like the pandemic and climate change, reassessing the 2030 SDGs with a focus on sectors like health and education.

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