Who we are

SEEK Development is a strategic and organizational consulting group dedicated to global human development and social impact.

Who we are

We are SEEKers of a sustainable world in which everyone, everywhere can realize their full potential.

Impact Consulting

We are a social impact consulting group dedicated to helping you be a force for global human development in pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals.​

Systemic Solutions

We support clients to address the challenges of a dynamic world and drive lasting systemic change.

Strategic Excellence

We are valued by our clients for our deep content and ecosystem knowledge. Combined with our expertise in strategy consulting, multi-stakeholder processes, and growing leadership capacity, we help our clients navigate an increasingly complex world.

Collaborative Partners

We are true partners to our clients: working collaboratively, acting as constructive challengers, and bringing a deep understanding of their specific contexts backed by evidence.

Our Values


There is no development without human growth. At SEEK, we are committed to supporting the development and holistic growth of individuals, organizations, and societies so that they can maximize their potential.

Such development starts with ourselves– we have the courage to question assumptions, to experiment, and to nurture the optimism that positive change is possible.


At SEEK, we set the highest professional and ethical standards for ourselves and work hard to exceed our clients’ expectations. Each of us takes individual responsibility to drive our work forward. Entrepreneurs at heart, we thrive by learning from constantly changing, complex environments.


At SEEK, we are purpose-driven and strive to make a difference in our clients’ organizations and in the communities they serve.

Guided by the belief that all people deserve the opportunity to develop to their full potential, we work with clients who take on complex global challenges and focus on projects that deliver wide social benefits. Our mission is to help our clients be as effective as they can be and enhance the impact of their work.


At SEEK, our success depends on forging relationships based on trust and mutual respect– within our team, with our clients, and in our wider community.

We pursue an ambitious mission that requires bringing together people with diverse backgrounds to solve global problems. As a team, we thrive in an environment that is supportive, challenging, and fun. As partners to our clients, we strive to be trusted advisors. Within the development community, we forge partnerships so that our complementary skills maximize our collective impact. 

Clients & Partners

At SEEK, our reach extends beyond internal collaboration; we believe in the power of community and connections. Our impact is amplified when we join hands with organizations and individuals who share our commitment to a sustainable, inclusive world.


Together with organizations across the globe, we build synergies that drive meaningful change. Our collaborations deepen our understanding and widen our influence. Explore how we join forces with others to maximize our collective impact.


Our clients are change-makers, thought leaders, and visionaries committed to shaping a better tomorrow. Find out who we've helped, how we've made a difference, and what our clients value in our strategic partnership.