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December 2023 Foundational Literacy and Numeracy Roundup 

Key Developments

At COP28 in Expo City Dubai, UAE, a historic Declaration on the Common Agenda for Education and Climate Change was adopted, marking the first global political recognition of the crucial connection between education and climate action for a resilient and sustainable future.

  • The declaration urged Member States to commit to three key areas: adapt, mitigate, and invest. It was signed by 37 countries from every region of the world.
  • Signatories created the declaration with the intention of providing a pathway for integrating education into national climate strategies, developing climate-smart education policies, preventing climate change from interrupting the completion of basic education, and increasing financing for climate-resilient education systems.

GPE CEO Laura Frigenti endorsed the declaration and called on signatories to translate their support of the declaration into tangible action.

DAC Donor Updates

  • USAID announced US$130 million in new investments for girls' empowerment as part of its celebration of International Day of the Girl, which included plans to provide funding for investments in young girls' education, intended to advance gender equality through educational efforts.
  • Japan and UNICEF exchanged letters in Bamako, Mali, involving a grant of JPY520 million (US$5 million) promoting children's education in vulnerable areas of Mali. The project aims to expand the UNICEF School for All Approach, improving access to foundational education in vulnerable areas by constructing facilities, establishing functional school management committees, and fostering community participation.
  • UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak launched a new White Paper on International Development, the first since 2009, which set out a progressive, whole-of-government approach to accelerate the delivery of the SDGs over the next seven years. One of the goals was listed as ensuring opportunities for all, including basic education and social protection.

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