Claudio Forner
Project Manager

Claudio Forner is a Project Manager at SEEK Development. He brings over 25 years of experience in the field of climate change and international climate policy. With his diverse experience in the international climate governance framework, his previous for for several multilateral institutions, and in-depth knowledge of the policy and financial worlds, Claudio provides thought leadership in climate strategy development, and excels in policy and financing advice.  He leads our support to clients in the areas of climate leadership, strategic engagement in the climate space, and organizational implications of climate change and climate policy.

Before joining SEEK, Claudio worked for the World Bank, where he oversaw the setting of a mechanism to enhance the Bank’s support to clients on macroeconomic aspects of climate change, and advised the South Asia region on climate finance issues.  He has dedicated over 15 years of his career to the UNFCCC process, most recently leading work on global ambition and support to negotiations and implementation of the Paris Agreement. Claudio has also worked for the World Resources Institute, the Center for International Forestry Research and the Colombian government.

Claudio holds a Master’s in Environment and Development from the Australian National University in Australia, a Master’s in Environmental Management from Instituto de Investigaciones Ecológicas (INIECO) in Spain and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Universidad Jorge Tadeo Loazano in Colombia.

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