Dr. Qi Liu

Dr. Qi Liu (She/Her) is a Consultant at SEEK Development. She brings a strong research background and extensive experience in education, organizational development, as well as quantitative and qualitative analysis. At SEEK, she focuses on strategy and advocacy projects across different sectors through analyses on the donor financing landscape to inform and strengthen clients’ advocacy strategies.

With her analytical and research expertise in education, behavioral science and global health, she supports clients including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in the areas of advocacy and strategy development.

Previously she worked at CoachHub, where she advised clients on organizational effectiveness through a scientific and evidence-based approach. During her doctoral project, she underwent rigorous training in mixed methods research. She is also an entrepreneur with an aptitude for applying academic theories in business cases.  

Qi holds a Doctorate from Freie Universität Berlin in Education and Psychology, a Master of Arts in TESOL from Durham University in the UK, and a Bachelor of Arts in Management and Finance from Shanghai University in China.

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